Ultimately, the key to effective disaster preparedness is to make it a communal effort. If predictions of weeks-long waits for local and federal government assistance following a major emergency are accurate, then households are going to need to work cooperatively with neighbors to survive. This blog is a tool to begin to bring us together sooner, rather than later.

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Alice gives the thumbs up to large house numbers

Can Freddy Find you?

I have never been good at reading or following paper maps, so when GPS came on the scene twenty-or-so years ago, I was thankfully saved…

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Preparedness coach reviews checklists with mother holding a baby.

Prepare to leave a legacy

Unlike hurricanes, tornados and some other natural disaster, earthquakes are totally unpredictable. Even the most recent technology can do no better than to give us…

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Toddler drinks from a bottle of water outside on a sunny day

Water, water everywhere

“Water, water everywhere, [but not a] drop to drink.” That’s one of the few Shakespearean quotes I know, so I love it when I get…

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A Jack Russell Terrier dog wrapped in a blanket warms itself near the heater radiator.

Non-Electric Indoor Heaters

One of the questions I ask my clients during the In-Home Readiness Assessment, is whether or not they have a non-electric heat source in case…

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