Could you survive

14 days

on your own following a disaster?

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Just in Case provides disaster preparedness services so Seattle area households have everything necessary to survive and thrive.

How Prepared Are You?

Earthquakes, floods, fires, winter storms. Disasters happen. It's a matter "when", not "if".

Are you ready for the next one? What emergency supplies do you have on hand right now? Could you and your loved ones survive 2 weeks without power or water? That's how long it's likely to take before outside help arrives.

If your answer is "no", get started preparing today. The experts at Just in Case are here to help.

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How Can Just in Case Help Me?

Just in Case defends you against the evil twins of fear and procrastination. And preparing with Just in Case provides you with peace of mind.

When you hire Just in Case to help you prepare for disasters, our expert will meet with you to conduct an In-Home Readiness Assessment, where we make note of what supplies you already have and make recommendations concerning what more you need. We also assess what you know and what more you need to know to help you through a crisis. Then, we use that information to create a personalized action plan, and coach you through its implementation, step by step.

Why Hire Just in Case?

Customized Service

Our exclusive In-Home Readiness Assessment amounts to a thorough needs analysis that is the heart of our service.

Generic emergency supply kits are readily available for purchase, but how do you know what else you need for your particular family? Just in Case is the only preparedness service that provides face-to-face interaction, resulting in a truly customized supply kit, and a personalized plan of action to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a major disaster.

Photo: Emergency prep at home
Photo: Packing a home emergency kit

Expert Assistance

A Flee Bag™ (aka, Go Kit or Bug-out Bag) is a portable tote such as a duffle bag, backpack or wheeled suitcase packed with basic emergency supplies.

A properly stocked Flee Bag™ contains (at least) the minimum supplies to get you through 1-3 days following a disaster if your home is left uninhabitable.

In your journey to preparedness, assembling a Flee Bag™ should be your #1 priority. Our experts will tell you exactly what should be in it, and help you build yours.

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Effortless Planning

Don’t spend endless hours searching online for information about emergency preparedness. We've gathered all the critical information from the top experts and wrapped it up in a handy, information-packed, 3-ring binder. Together with the results of your Readiness Assessment, this produces a personalized, easy-to-follow action plan. And our 8-week e-mail check-in will help you keep on track and complete your preparedness goal.

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Custom emergency preparedness binder

"Alice takes what seems like a very difficult challenge and breaks it down into manageable steps in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Success is much easier when you do a little at a time!”

A. Jenkins

"We needed help organizing a plan that fit all the members in our family and Alice was able to help with that. Her updates and scheduled to-do lists made creating an emergency plan manageable."

J. Steger

Everything You Need

In-Home Readiness Assessment

Welcome our consultants into your home to help you evaluate your current state of readiness and show you simple, manageable steps to up your game.

Emergency Supply Kit Assembly

Once your supplies arrive, hire us to come back to help assemble your emergency supply kits. We'll make sure you have everything you need, and help decide the best locations for your kits.


Some clients have trouble staying on track with their personalized action plan, so we provide 8 weeks of complimentary virtual coaching to ensure your success.


Get what you need from a buffet of checklists with information about recommended supplies and preparations, community and government resources, and more.

Neighborhood Presentations

Neighbors will be a necessary and invaluable resource to one another in the event of a prolonged emergency. We will help you organize a neighborhood gathering that will leave everyone feeling better acquainted, better prepared and more inclined to work together. Contact us to inquire.

Let's Get Started!

"I have been increasingly worried about “The Big One” coming. I knew I needed to do something to prepare but wasn’t sure where to start or what was needed. Alice provided an action plan that was broken down into bite-size pieces that were very manageable"

L. Aull

Upcoming Events

Ready Freddy Prep Party

10 AM, Thursday, August 22 • The Center for Active Learning, 4217 SW Oregon St., Seattle, WA

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Presenter, Alice Kuder, shows items in a Flee Bag for disaster preparedness

Ready Freddy Prep Party

3 PM, Saturday, July 27th • West Seattle CoWorking, 9030 35th Ave SW

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Presenter, Alice Kuder, shows items in a Flee Bag for disaster preparedness

Ready Freddy Prep Party June 18, 2024

6 PM, Tuesday, June 18, 2024 • Whisky West 6451 California Ave SW

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