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Do you know your RQ (Readiness Quotient)?

Our Readiness Assessment Interview is the best way to identify your RQ. The results enable us to pinpoint what information and supplies you have, and what information and supplies you need.

Our in-home Readiness Assessment includes:

Photo: Just In Case in-home readiness assessment
  • A meeting with one of our expert consultants
  • An exclusive resource packet with handy checklists and local emergency contacts
  • A personalized action plan based on your RQ
  • An accountability program designed to ensure that you complete the plan and achieve your preparedness goals
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Once you know your RQ, you decide whether you want to continue preparing on your own or take advantage of our other services.

Either way, we support you!

Download our free preparedness checklists and information sheets.

Our checklists reveal everything you need to know to assemble complete, customized supply kits for your home, car and office.

Our Products page provides one-stop supply shopping. We've scouted out dozens of emergency supply products for you -- everything from bottled water to camping gear -- and included all the links in one convenient spot so you don't need to navigate multiple vendor sites.

Our Readiness Assessment is also available as a virtual interview, using apps such as Zoom and Facetime.

Menu of Additional Services:

Supply Ordering

Kit Assembly

Stock Rotation