dog holding leash in mouth, hoping to go on a walk

16 Ways to Make Coronavirus Self-Isolation Work for You

From self-isolation to self-improvement

If the coronavirus has forced you into self-isolation, why not make the most of it?

If you suddenly have extra time on your hands because you are working from home and crossing planned events off your calendar, try something new. Here are some suggestions that just might improve your quality of life.

~ Exercise (your body) ~ Walk, bike, stretch, do yoga. Begin that exercise program you’ve been promising to start, or take the dog on extra walks. No dog of your own? Borrow a neighbor’s!

A smiling, overweight, bearded man in exercise clothes does yoga on a rug to enrich coronavirus self-isolation time.

~ Exercise (your brain) ~ Try Sudoku, a jigsaw puzzle (hop on and ask to trade with neighbors), or a crossword puzzle.  And check this out. If you like the LA Times crossword, but hate waiting for them to publish the answers, point your browser to for immediate gratification.

~ Prepare ~ The coronavirus caught us all off guard, but there are other potential disasters, such as earthquakes, that we should all prepare for. There will never be a better time. Schedule an appointment for an in-home Readiness Assessment and download our free preparedness checklists.

A young other and child discuss disaster preparedness with Just in Case Preparedness Coach, Alice Kuder.

~ Purge ~ Channel Marie Kondo and start de-cluttering your home.

~ Learn ~ Take an online course on a topic of interest. Maybe learn a new language!

~ Write ~ Have you always wanted to write the next great American novel? Or what about your memoir? Take up journaling.

~ Listen ~ Sit down with grandma, grandpa, a favorite aunt, or anyone you’d like to know better and interview them about their life and times.

~ Scrapbook ~ Print out those photos that are trapped in the cloud and put together a photo album or scrapbook. Or try virtual scrapbooking with a website such as Pinterest.

~ Strategize ~ Create and implement a personal budget and let it put you on a path to achieving your financial goals.

~ Garden ~ Plant something — flowers? vegetables? trees? — or mow the lawn before the spring growth spurt catches you off guard (or is it just me that happens to every year?)

Man, woman and small girl take advantage of coronavirus self-isolation time to planting seedlings in a garden.

~ Explore ~ Find a new trail or park to wander; maybe even your own neighborhood.

~ Reconnect ~ Write a letter to a long-lost friend or mentor, letting them know how they affected you and your life.

~ Cook ~ If you don’t know how, ask someone to teach you. If you do know how, teach someone else (your kids?), try some new recipes, stock your freezer.

Five friends cheerfully cooking together in a kitchen.

~ Fantasize ~ Let your mind wander and dare to reimagine your life.

~ Meditate ~ There is no one correct way to meditate. Explore different ways until you find one that appeals to you. Learn or recite The Serenity Prayer; it may bring you unexpected peace of mind.

~ Read ~ Reacquaint yourself with the public library. You can check out books and movies online. Order a free e-copy of my novel at, using the promo code URSPECIAL.

Cover of the novel, Since I Last Saw You, by Alice Ann Kuder; reading material for coronavirus self-isolation time.

These are just a few possibilities. What others can you suggest?