Illustration of a cartoon dog holding a "Flee Bag" duffle bag in its mouth.

Attend a Ready Freddy Prep Party

Do you have a Flee Bag ready to go?

Are you ready Freddy?

For some reason, that’s a question I ask my dog(s) when it’s time to go on a walk. I don’t remember why and I don’t remember where I picked it up, but it stuck in my head and I’ve been saying it for years now, so it seems only natural to use it as a catch phrase related to disaster preparedness.

Now I’m offering free public workshops to encourage disaster preparedness, and I’m calling them Ready Freddy Prep Parties.

The 45-minute Ready Freddy Prep Party emphasizes the importance of creating “go kits”, which I prefer to call “Flee Bags”.

I show participants how to assemble a Flee Bag, which is designed to get you through the first few days following a natural disaster.

I also share tips, tricks, and effective strategies for taking those first steps to prepare your home and keep your loved ones safe.

I encourage registrants to BYOB (bring your own bag) — duffle bag, backpack or wheeled luggage — to get started with some inexpensive, basic items I make available at the event, at cost (i. e. no mark-up).

The next Ready Freddy Prep Party is Saturday, April 27th, 2 PM at West Seattle Coworking, 9030 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126.

Two more are scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, 3 PM, location TBA, and Saturday, May 18th, 1PM, location TBA.

If you’d like to attend a Ready Freddy Prep Party, please pre-register by sending an email to Or use this link. Ready Freddy Prep Party schedule. Limit of 15 people per session.